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You'll find all our Scoober roles here. Scoober is the name we've given our drivers logistics fleet--they keep on the move!

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          The Scoober story 

We launched Scoober in 2016, to take our driver operations and logistics into top gear. From HR specialists to project managers and from hub coordinators to reliable drivers, our talented teams have helped bring Scoober to 100 cities (and counting!) across 10 countries.

The place to roll up your sleeves

Working in logistics guarantees being part of an engaging work environment in which you can really make an impact on the food delivery business. We admire people who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves when ticking off tasks that are challenging, diverse and always exciting. Are you in?

What matters to us

Our DNA is covered by three simple words:
Lead, Deliver and Care.
These core values are the beating heart of everything we do.
But what does “lead, deliver and care” mean to us? 
We’ll break it down for you.


We're proud to lead the online food delivery market across Continental Europe.  Not just in numbers, but also by example - creating innovative and sustainable solutions with integrity. 


We deliver more than we promise, bth to our customers and ourselves. We get things done by working hard and being hands-on.


We care for our customers and restaurant partners by understanding their needs. This care extends to each other and society at large, as well as the environment.

ONE PLATFORM is more than the leading online food delivery platform in Continental Europe and Israel. 

We are one. We are one company, one brand, one platform.
And this defines our success.

It's a way of working. We keep it simple and think big. We’re home to 77 nationalities, all bringing their expertise and enthusiasm to our world of endless opportunities. We’re always looking forward in an ever-changing market. No day is ever the same, but one thing is constant...our care for each other and promise to deliver the best for our consumers.